So you might be asking,

how does my organization join the Coalition?

It’s really very simple.

Add your information and then look through the recommended actions, and browse over 250 more by clicking the search bar under “Find My Action(s).” If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, scroll down to “Create Your Own Actions” and click Add. If you aren’t sure what to pledge at this time, select the “Joined the Climate Pledge Coalition” action and the scroll down to hit submit You can submit more at any time, so feel free to add afew and come back later for more.

Congratulations! But don’t stop there—

Members who make and complete especially ambitious pledges will get special recognition from the Coalition in a form to be determined. Don’t miss out on the chance to highlight your leadership in sustainability to your community!

What if I want to get involved, but I’m not part of an organization?

If you want to get involved as an individual, rather than on behalf of a business, municipality, institution, or farm, that’s great! While the Coalition is only tracking pledges and actions made by Vermont organizations, individuals can register on the Community Energy Dashboard and create or participate in their own campaigns. You can also submit individual actions and pledges outside of a campaign by navigating to the “Actions” page and selecting “Add New Action.”