How do I join the Coalition?

Easy! Click here and follow the instructions below.

What actions can I take as municipality, organization or business?

For municipal actions, please check out the Vermont Climate Action Communities website. The site has a full resource guide to actions town can take to reduce their energy use.
We have already created a Resource Guide for Vermont businesses, non-profits, hospitals, and other organizations. Click here to download the PDF

What qualifies as an action or pledge?

An action is an ongoing initiative or project that will reduce your organization’s greenhouse gas emissions, or an initiative or project completed since joining the Coalition.

pledge is a promise to achieve or implement something new in the future, or a commitment to expand a current initiative in some significant way.

 How can I contribute as an individual?

If you don’t represent a farm, business, institution, municipality, or other organization, you can still participate in a couple of ways. First, you can encourage an organization you’re involved with– your employer, academic institution, town, or city– to make pledges. Second, you can make pledges and record actions on the wider Community Energy Dashboard. While these submissions won’t be tallied as part of the Coalition’s analysis, you’ll still be doing your part to reduce your community’s greenhouse gas emissions, and to inspire your neighbors to take action.

I’m having trouble making a pledge– how do I get help?

Send us an email using the contact form at the bottom of this page. Someone from the Coalition or Energy Action Network will be in touch soon.


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