What is the Community Energy Dashboard?

The Community Energy Dashboard is a tool managed by Energy Action Network, a diverse group of leading non-profits, businesses, public agencies and other high-level stakeholders seeking to advance Vermont’s transition to a sustainable energy future. In the past, homeowners across the state have used the Dashboard to register the actions they have taken to weatherize their homes and improve their energy efficiency. The Coalition has worked with EAN to update and expand this tool, making it a viable place for municipalities, non-profits, businesses, farms, and other organizations to register a much greater array of actions (as well as pledges) on behalf of larger campaigns such as the Climate Pledge Coalition.

Why Join?

Vermonters are proud of their environmental stewardship as well as their Yankee frugalness—they take care of what they have so they can pass it along to their children. Joining the Vermont Climate Pledge Coalition is a way for businesses, farms, municipalities, non-profits, and institutions across the state to take part in each of these traditions.

By adding your pledges and registering your actions through the Coalition, your organization will make a commitment to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and save money on energy and equipment maintenance costs, and inspire other organizations across the state to make similar commitments.

The Coalition will keep you accountable and on track to meet your goals and let members of your community know about the great work you’re doing to ensure a better future for all Vermonters. Outstanding Coalition members will also receive recognition by the Coalition, highlighting your leadership in sustainability.

 A Place for Everyone

Whether you’re an energy efficiency expert or just getting started, there is a place in the Coalition for you. By navigating to the Vermont Climate Pledge Coalition’s Campaign page, you can draw inspiration from what others have done and browse through a list of 300 potential actions along with descriptions about their impact on your energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

If you want to add something you’ve done to reduce your emissions that’s not on the list, it’s easy to do so, and it’ll appear as an option for others in the future. If you’re not sure where to get started, the Coalition has identified some recommended actions you can take to get a better sense of your energy and emissions profile and what makes sense for you, such as scheduling an energy audit.

We hope you’ll join us!

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